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Boudoir Photographer Lindsey Banks

I am Lindsey Banks. Owner of Sexy Girl Photography and I love my job!! I graduated from Sacramento State College with a degree in photography and a minor in woman's studies. It seems obvious that becoming a boudoir photographer would be my path, but it took me a little while to figure it out. I have always loved fashion, beauty and makeup and have worked in both industries, but honestly what I truly love about my job is capturing the transformation of my clients and making them feel like a rock star. What can I say I must be the luckiest girl alive: I get to travel all over the world as a boudoir photographer, creating beautiful images in San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and even here in my home town of Sacramento. I have been able to combine all of my passions and now I get to share that experience with my clients. I don't think my job could be more rewarding or fun.

Staying Current with Fashion Photography

As a fashion photographer I pride myself with staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. I have a mild addiction for fashion magazines and blush. I also constantly surf the web for great photos. I love to be inspired and I know that as a photographer and a person you never stop learning. Visit the Sugar or Spice photo gallery to see how my passion for boudoir photography results in beautiful intimate images.

Boudoir Photographer Lindsey Banks on Tour

Lindsey Banks tours several times a year to various locations across the country and around the world. Sign up for our newsletter to learn when Lindsey will be visiting your home town.

Some of Lindsey Banks' regular destinations include

Chicago - Dallas - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Miami -New York - Phoenix - Philadelphia

Call Sacramento boudoir photographer Lindsey Banks today for outstanding fashion photography for all ladies.


Photographs By Jodi Yorston


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