Where is your boudoir studio located?

Our boudoir studio is located in Sacramento California; we serve all of Northern California and travel to the San Francisco Bay Area for on location shoots.

What should I wear to my photo shoot?

Being comfortable and feeling sexy should be your priority. Every woman is different so we suggest that you think about what makes you feel sexy. Some ideas from what women have done in previous photo shoots: a silk nightshirt, jeans and a bra, boy-shorts, sports jerseys, their man's work outfit, or nothing at all. Adding accessories such as jewelry, gloves, hats, ties and wraps help keep things interesting and gives you something to play with. Other props such as guns (unloaded please), guitars and footballs are also fun. Being creative and personal is the key.

Outfits that we have found to be very flattering are: push-up bras, corsets and boy-shorts. Size is also very important, it is best if your outfits don't hug too tight or create any extra lines on your body, this is common with thigh highs because they need to be tight to stay up, we suggest the ones that are held up with a garter belt (plus they add a little sass). It is best to bring a few options so your shoot will have lots of variety. If you need any more suggestions just give us a ring and we can help you with some ideas 916-224-7020. Check out Lindsey's Links on the Style Page for a list of suggested retailers.

What should I expect for my photo shoot?

Expect fun! Boudoir Photography is about dressing up, being creative and getting in touch with your inner model. We know you have it In you! When you arrive we go over your outfits. We start with a simple outfit and get as risky as you feel comfortable. We will never pressure you to do something you do not want to do. We guide you every step of the way putting you in poses and positions that flatter your body type. Your comfort is our #1 goal so let us know if there is anything we can do to further ensure this.

Can I purchase digital images to post online or for personal viewing on my computer?

This is our #1 question. We offer non watermarked quality images in our professional packages. These images will look great on your website or personal computer and are also great for your personal archive. Contact us<contact page> for more information about our professional packages.

Do you have any regulations for displaying my digital images?

Yes. Usage agreement permits web use only for Client website and marketing purposes for professional services. Personal web use is permitted with photo credit. Sale, distribution, and alteration of images in any way are not permitted and punishable by law. Sexy Girl Photography grants Client usage rights for unlimited web use of unwatermarked images with proper photo credit and visible link to Sexy Girl Photography website on main or gallery page. No licensing for print distribution of any kind. Printing for personal use is recommended. :)

Can I bring a friend?

Please feel free to bring a female friend to you boudoir photo shoot. Just be sure that you want them there! Doing a boudoir photo session requires you to let down your guard, depending on the type of person you are you may or may not feel comfortable with an audience.

Can I drink before and during my shoot?

We have no problem with you having a drink to calm your nerves, although we are so confident that you'll feel completely comfortable with us that you won't need it once you get started. Keep in mind that when you drink you may do things you won't be happy with later and most people's eyes get red when they drink. Please make sure if you are drinking that you bring a driver.

Can my husband come and watch the shoot?

Due to the nature of our business we are an all female photography staff. We do not allow men to attend photo shoots since we are all females and it is impossible to regulate. If you are only comfortable with your husband there we do offer couples photography shoots that are more tame and intimate. The prices are the same, it would just be an additional sitting fee for him. Sexy Girl Photography is an all-female photography staff and boudoir studio offering tasteful, boudoir photo shoots. We do not offer male boudoir or explicit photography.

How do I view my boudoir portraits?

We set up personal post-session consultation to review your photographs, I will help you make you selections and you will be able to see your boudoir photographs with different treatments (black and white, sepia tone, etc) or for those of you who prefer to view your images in the comfort of your own home we will set up a 10 day password protected online proof gallery to review your collection ( no extensions no exceptions).

What type of products do you offer to display my images?

We offer all kinds of products to display your photographs. Our most popular products are our art books. They are the perfect way to showcase your boudoir photos without displaying them for the world to see.

-The Sassy Book - A 5x7 art book with 15 pictures and an image-wrap cover. Each page lays flat to create a beautiful Spread. Add an additional images - $10 each

-The Sexy book - A 10x10 book with an image-wrapped cover and lay flat spreads. Each spread tells a story of your experience. Daring you to turn the page. This book comes with 20 pages.

-The Sensual Book - Similar to the Sexy book, but with an added sense of drama. It comes in two sizes either as a 12x12 or a 10x15. Each has 26 pages included.

We Also Offer:

- Gallery Wraps - A frame stretched with a canvas of your photo.

- Framed Prints,

- Metal prints,

- playing cards

- posters

- calendars, and much more.

I want a special look what are my options?

You can have the photo session in your home, in a hotel, or at a variety of other locations. We suggest that you make sure that the location has enough natural light, privacy, and character. Exposed brick walls, 4-post beds, and claw-foot tubs are some backdrops that have worked extremely well in prior photo shoots. We have worked at a lot of places and would be happy to arrange a place for your shoot. The Sexy Girl Session can take place anywhere. Your imagination is the only limit.

How revealing can I be?

Your boudoir photos will be as revealing as you like. We will make sure that all of your images are beautiful. You can be completely nude or very modest. You will be sexy either way.

Do I need to tan before my session?

We actually recommend if you want to tan please be sure to be aware of tan lines and make sure to keep your skin moisturized. If it makes you feel better, go for it, just make sure it is even and you lift those butt cheeks. PLEASE no spray tans!

I am trying to loose a couple of pounds, what can you do to make me look thinner?

There are several camera and Photoshop techniques that we use to make you look your most beautiful. (Do you really think that ALL those ladies in Playboy look that way naturally???)

I am very nervous, what type of girl usually does something like this?

We have all types of clients, from all walks of life; from models to stay-at-home mothers. Almost everyone is nervous when they consider this, but as soon as they walk in the door they feel at ease. We are an all female photography staff. Lindsey will assist you with posing and make sure you feel comfortable. We have such a great response from all our clients. We have heard of our clients presenting their albums to their husbands and they actually cried!!! Most of all, you need to do it for yourself. One thing I tell all my clients is that when you look back in 10, 20, 30, or more years, you will love the way you looked today!

Should I do make-up and hair?

We 100% recommend getting your make-up professionally done. Print make-up is completely different than normal everyday make-up and you will notice the difference. Tell the make-up artist how you want your make-up done, it helps to bring in example images if you have something special in mind.

Do you offer a payment plan for prints?

We do not offer a layaway plan. We do take all major credit cards. If you are looking to absorb the cost of the prints, you can always host a party and earn 15% towards your purchase.

How long does it take to get my images back? How far out should I do my shoot?

Images are usually available for viewing within 1-2 weeks. If you are doing this for a special occasion such as bridal boudoir, a sexy anniversary gift, or maternity photography, we recommend you do your shoot at least a month or two before your target date. It gives you more options on products. Custom albums can take up to 6 weeks to receive. If you are beyond your target date, contact us and we'll see what we can do.


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