What to Wear

Being comfortable and feeling sexy should be your priority. Every woman is different so we suggest that you think about what makes you feel sexy. Some ideas from what women have used for their boudoir photography shoot: a silk nightshirt, jeans and a bra, boy-shorts, work-out outfits, sports jerseys, their mans work outfit, or nothing at all. Adding accessories such as jewelry, gloves, hats, ties and wraps help keep things interesting and gives you something to play with. Other props such as guns (unloaded please), guitars and footballs are also fun. Being creative and personal is the key.

Outfits that we have found to be very flattering are: push-up bras, corsets and boy-shorts. Size is also very important, it is best if your outfits don't hug too tight or create any extra lines on your body, this is common with thigh highs because they need to be tight to stay up, we suggest the ones that are held up with a garter belt. It is best to bring a few options so your shoot will have lots of variety. If you need any more suggestions just give us a ring and we can help you with some ideas 916-224-7020


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